About the Founder…

Our Founder, Debra Raney, is the visionary behind Little Muffincakes. Her passion for representation of diverse children in the market stems from her own experiences as a mother and grandmother. She noticed a lack of relateable imagery in stores for black and brown children.

Determined to be the change she wanted to see in the world, Debra decided to create her own products. In November 2016, Little Muffincakes was born. The brand aims to not only reflect the beauty of diversity in products, but ultimately lay the foundation for self-love and self-esteem

When we surround Black & Brown babies with faces that look like them, we can inspire confidence, create authentic joy and empower the freedom to play. Babies absorb the world around them from their earliest moments. So, swaddle your babies in affirmations and snuggle up with possibilities. A life filled with joy and pride awaits.

We see you, baby!