Unisex Astronaut Wetbag

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Little Muffincakes. Unisex astronaut design wetbag. Zhara and Ashton as astronauts.
Unisex Astronaut Wetbag

Our collab wetbags with West Coast Diapers are finally here!🚀  We are super excited to offer this unisex astronaut fabric design for both girl and boy moms.

Wetbags are waterproof bags making them perfect for soiled diapers, a trip to the pool, packing for a trip, and a plethora of other uses. They have a zip closure and have a snap handle for hanging. You can simply toss the wet bag in the washing machine to clean.


  • (11 in x 15 in) wet bag and can holds approx 5-7 cloth diapers. Plus, this cloth diaper wetbag comes with handle for easy carrying or attaching to your diaper bag or stroller. It’s the perfect way to keep your wet, dirty, or smelly items contained.
  • These wetbag are also great for travel, you can organize your clean or dirty clothes, underwear, socks, swimming suits and other belongings in this baby wet bag. Throw your sweaty running clothes into a bag cloth diaper wet baby before mixing with your luggage to keep the rest of your clothing smelling fresh. 
  • Eco-friendly, washable, reusable wet bag waterproof, hand washing and air dry are recommended to extend the life of this cloth diaper wetbag. 

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