Carefully Crafted With Your Child in Mind

Our Why.....
In 2017, Little Muffincakes® was created out of the need for products that represent brown babies in the Marketplace. Our mission is to present high quality merchandise that reflect the diversity of beauty in children. We seek to provide the building blocks of self-acceptance to foster high self-esteem from birth.
We make it easy for parents to surround their children with products that have relatable imagery. How awesome would it be to surprise a mom-to-be at a baby shower with a gift that specifically represents her baby. Positive imagery tells children that they matter, that they're beautiful, their skin is beautiful and their hair is beautiful.
Our philosophy is simple, we want to delight you in every aspect of your shopping experience! From designing exciting collections of exclusive products, to providing outstanding customer service.


Our Founder.....

Debra Raney, owner of Little Muffincakes Baby Boutique

Meet Debra Raney, the founder of Little  Muffincakes® ! She's a mother of three grown children: twin girls and a son. She raised her kids with positive affirmations of their potential for greatness to build their self-worth and character. Her eclectic decor has always included African art to reinforce pride to her children in their culture and appearance. Why? Because every person needs to know why they are important and the celebration starts at home.